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Tru Energy Pak

Tru Energy Pak

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Suggested Nutritional Support Uses
  • Energy Boost
  • Adrenal Support

This contains all the nutrients proven to feed ATP synthesis without synthetic stimulation to the adrenal glands. It contains adrenal-supporting nutrients the help rebuild and fortify them from past caffeine, sugar, or toxin abuse.


Nutritional Support for Adrenal Support and Energy

Revitalize energy levels all the way down to the cellular level and promote adrenal health.

How It Works

Supplies nutrients needed to keep adrenals at peak functioning and promote optimal ATP production.


Take 1 packet two times daily.



Key Ingredients & Their Roles

Optimal Muscle Rx - Provides a complete array of nutrients your muscles need for energy and performance
Optimal Cort-Adrena - Promote adrenal gland health
Optimal Longevi-D-K2 - Provide energy-boosting nutrients
Optimal Natural Vitality - Provide a large, healthy dose of B vitamins for high energy
Mental Clarity Blend - Provide nutrients for mental clarity and alertness

When we talk about energy, most of the time caffeine comes into the conversation. Energy is created by the synthesis and absorption of specific nutrients into cells. The end result is ATP (a.k.a. energy). Energy is constantly released and reabsorbed through the use of ATP-conversion nutrients.

When we don’t have enough energy, we tend to reach for a stimulant that quickly bypasses the normal process and stimulates the central nervous system (CNS). This could be anything from coffee to green tea, or sugary foods. You get energy from these things but in the wrong form, hence the crash that always follows. Suddenly, your body needs more. You take more every two to three hours to keep going, until you go to bed, creating the need to stimulate more and more.

This leads us to a very bad place health-wise. Your body is using up valuable resources to keep creating ATP through the aforementioned means because of a nutrient deficiency. This affects the adrenal glands and leads to depression and low energy no matter what we do.

Caffeine is often listed as tri- or dimethylxanthine. Xanthine is the chemical term for caffeine. Xanthines serve as a CNS stimulant and are often used therapeutically to treat disorders like COPD because they dilate the bronchial tubes and more. They’re also used in athletic performance. There truly are advantages to taking caffeine, but the bottom line is this: we all want energy.

When the CNS is stimulated, they send the body into overdrive. You experience things like increased heart rate, cycle stimulation, increased metabolism and more. Some effects are favorable. It acts as an ergogenic aid. If we have the right amount of caffeine paired with nutrients, we do get better fat metabolism and carbohydrate burn, and boosts our mind. However, when taken in the wrong form or even too much, it can cause major health problems.

Too much caffeine has side effects like:

  • Dehydration
  • Cramping
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Gastrointestinal Distress
  • Frequent Urination
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Mental Issues

The key is moderation and getting your caffeine from natural sources. Taking caffeine paired with nutrients that naturally enhance ATP production will promote lasting energy throughout the day. This keeps our CNS receptors sensitized (as opposed to growing number and number to stimulants) and providing adrenal gland support.

Synthetic caffeine is addictive and gradually desensitizes your system, which is why you need more and more to achieve the same effect, and why users crash. Young kids in particular are at risk when it comes to taking caffeine. Too many products are loaded with major amounts of caffeine.

There is a natural way to gain a large dose of energy without causing damage to the adrenals. OHS has combined natural caffeine with whole food nutrients for optimal ATP production and adrenal gland health. You’ll have energy single energy needed to create true energy and focus without the crash.

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