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Soft Cleanse Pak

Soft Cleanse Pak

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Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:

  • Safely remove metal toxins
  • Improve energy
  • Balance the bowels

Many health professionals recommend a slow, deep cleanse of all tissues, including the liver and kidneys. The Optimal Soft Cleanse Pak combines two formulas and utilizes a proprietary chlorella herb and patented glutamine blend to aid in cleansing. In addition, it utilizes special pectin fibers, along with nitrogen from glutamine, to aid in the safe removal of debris.

Nutritional Support for a Slow, Deep Cleanse of All Tissues and Organs

Nutrients for safe and thorough removal of toxins and heavy metals.

How It Works

Supplies the body with nutrients proven to safely remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.


Take 1 packet every 12 hours for 30 days.



Key Ingredients & Their Roles

Licorice Root - Support gut, liver and immune health
Psyllium - Bind to and remove heavy metals
Oat Bran - Promote a healthy colon
Celery - Inflammation reduction
Sweet Potato - Natural anti-inflammatory that promotes liver health
Pectin - Bind to and remove heavy metals
Chlorella - Bind to and remove heavy metals
Jerusalem Artichoke - Help detoxify liver
Barberry Root - Natural detoxifier
Dandelion Root - Encourages removal of toxins through sweat, bile and urine
Milk Thistle - Promote a healthy liver

No matter how much of a health nut you are, your body is plagued with toxins. They’re hiding everywhere, slowly poisoning your body and destroying your health. Toxins stretch beyond atmospheric pollution. Modern life has allowed toxins to creep into our homes and everyday objects, like cooking paraphernalia, furniture, and your dog’s chew toys.

Okay, this sounds an awful lot like paranoia, so let’s back up a minute.

The sad truth is that toxins are everywhere, be it the environment or everyday objects. Times have changed. Technology has changed. Humanity has a lot more than just the animal kingdom to worry about when it comes to toxins.Every day, a staggering 42 billion lbs. of chemicals are manufactured or brought into the U.S. That’s enough to fill a line of 623,000 tanker trucks wrapping around the equator three times. And every day, you are exposed to them in one way or another, often in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Toxins, in general, have been the subject of study for decades. However, it’s only been in recent years that anyone has studied the cumulative effects of the thousands of low-level toxins surrounding us in a bouquet of silent death.

“Low level” has been turned into a misleading term when it comes to toxins. Scientists have concluded there’s ample reason for alarm. Low levels can have significant damaging effects on our bodies, especially fetuses. Studies show an increasingly greater correlation between low-level toxins and the rise in obesity, diabetes, autism, allergies, cancer, and much more. The effects compound with each generation.

A comprehensive survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control found 148 different chemicals in the blood and urine samples of 2,400 Americans.More than a quarter of all the samples contained benzo(a)pryene, a toxin found in automobile exhaust fumes. And nine out of ten samples contained a mixture of toxic pesticides.

National Geographic Magazine paid nearly $15,000 to test one of their reporters for the presence of 320 different chemicals as part of an undercover investigation into environmental toxins. They discovered that the reporter’s level of one flame retardant chemical was so high it would have been considered alarming, even if the reporter had worked in a plant that manufactured the chemical.

A Mount Sinai School of Medicine study found a total of 167 different chemicals in the blood and urine samples of volunteers, averaging 91 toxins each. They found lead, dioxins, PCBs, phthalate DEHP, as well as compounds that have been banned for more than a quarter century. Not one person in a single study was found to be free of toxins.Many health professionals recommend a slow, deep cleanse so all tissues, including the kidneys and liver, can be rid of metal toxins. The Optimal Liver • Kidney Formula provides the herbs and nutrients for deep cleansing of these organs–helping to eliminate toxins and fortify the organ tissues. The powerful nutrients of milk thistle, barberry and dandelion are predigested utilizing our Opti-Blend™ Delivery System. This absolutely guarantees cellular delivery.

The Optimal Opti-GI formula utilizes a proprietary chlorella herb and patented glutamine blend to remove heavy metal toxins from all bodily tissues. In addition, an extremely important function of Opti-Cleanse is to utilize special pectin fibers, along with the nitrogen from glutamine, to encompass the heavy metals and safely transport them out of the body. This is a critical component to cleanse heavy metals.

The Soft Cleanse Pak also includes Optimal Flora Plus for a unique blend of eight fully stabilized probiotics to aid in the establishment and maintenance of favorable intestinal flora. Over a month’s time, this combination of ingredients can help provide a safe, deep and effective toxin and heavy metal cleanse that can improve energy and balance the bowels.

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