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PureGenomics® Multivitamin

PureGenomics® Multivitamin

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Multivitamin/mineral complex targeting common genetic polymorphisms*

With Metafolin® L-5-MTHF
*Multivitamin/mineral complex targeting common genetic polymorphisms
√ Men and women ages 18 and over

Vitamin Distinctions:
√ Provides vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K in highly bioavailable forms
√ Provides activated B vitamins, including pyridoxal-5-phosphate, riboflavin-5-phosphate, enhanced-retention thiamin derivative benfotiamine and 800 mcg of Metafolin® L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), the naturally occurring, universally metabolized form of folate
√ Offers vitamin B12 in unique blend of adenosylcobalamin and hydroxycobalamin
√ Offers 1,000 iu vitamin D to support healthy VDR activity*

Special Features:
√ Convenient one capsule per-day dosing
√ Addresses the nutrient requirements of common genetic variations in the methylation pathway with B vitamins and choline*
√ Enhanced choline levels for healthy cognitive function*
√ Enhanced choline levels for healthy cognitive function*
√ Supports macular and retinal health with lutein and zeaxanthin*


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