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Optimal Complete Performance - Exotic Chocolate

Optimal Complete Performance - Exotic Chocolate

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Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:
  • Immediately after workouts to ensure the best possible results
  • Supplement diets lacking in proper protein intake
  • High-protein snack
  • Great-tasting replacement for junk food

This is a balanced protein powder complete with vitamins and minerals. By utilizing the most nutrient-dense forms of proteins, carbs, and fats available, we ensure you will have all the nutrients needed to restore energy and help create lean, calorie-burning muscle.

Formulated for Great Taste and Nutritionally Provides Clean Protein for Energy and Muscle Building

Improve muscle building, recovery from exercise, and muscle repair.

How It Works

Supplies a complete array of macro and micronutrients your needs to recover from exercise, build and repair muscle.


Take 2 scoops with 12-16 oz water or healthy fluid of choice.



Key Ingredients & Their Roles

Vegetarian Protein - Core building blocks your body needs for muscle building and repair
Healthy Carbs - Energy for recovery
Essential Vitamins & Minerals - Nutrients your body needs for recovery and repair, and overall health

Optimal Complete Performance is the best-tasting, most absorbable whole-food performance powder on the market.

Our goal was to create a high-protein formula utilizing nutrient-dense quality ingredients our customers were accustomed to, but with a taste comparable to high-sugar “junk” protein drinks. It’s one of the only performance powders to contain whole food--not synthetic--vitamins and minerals.

Our formula utilizes nutrient-rich carbohydrates from vegetables, quality oils for fat, and the most revolutionary protein complex available.

Delivering On Two Major Factors:

  • Every single gram of protein can be converted into energy.
    Every protein has different amounts of amino acids at different levels, meaning your body will utilize protein at the weakest link. We have blended specific proportions of proteins so everything gets used.
  • The protein is broken down and absorbed.
    We use only what your body can use while avoiding removing energy, guaranteeing no fat is stored. Nutrients are delivered at the cellular level, helping with energy, recover, mental clarity, and smooth movement while boosting strength-building and calorie-burning performance.
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