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Opti Pak

Opti Pak

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Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:
  • Overall Health

Get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and omega-3s to promote healthy living.

Nutritional Support for Getting In Your Daily Essential Nutrients... Simplified

Five powerful products in one convenient package you can take on-the-go or at home.

How It Works

Each packet supplies you with a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and omega 3s.


Take 1 packet daily.



Key Ingredients & Their Roles

Optimal 1 Digestion - Help clean blood
Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral - Provide essential vitamins and minerals
Optimal EFA - Provide vegetarian omega fatty acids
Optimal Flora Plus - Provide stabilized probiotics
Optimal Longevi-D-K2 - Promote heart health

OHS Takes the Guesswork Out of Covering Essential Nutrient Needs

Optimal 1 Digestion
Optimal health starts not only with what you eat, but also how you digest it. Putting an additional focus on digesting gluten, lactose and casein, Optimal 1 Digestion completes the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of food for maximum nutrient and energy gain.

This formula supplies a powerful, high-potency blend of pure plant enzymes, patented bacteria, and specific balanced organic minerals to give you exactly what your body needs to complete the digestion process. This ensures delivery of all nutrients to the cells and unhealthy compounds to be eliminated.

Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral
Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral contains 24 potent whole food vitamins and patented organic minerals. There are no synthetics present. Each dose contains 100% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals. The organic minerals are retained at the highest level and have the lowest toxicity of any mineral supplement in the world.

It takes only one vitamin or mineral deficiency to create a cascade effect of health issues, from fatigue to autoimmune disease and high blood pressure. Optimal 2 provides predigested and organic nutrients at the cellular level, ensuring every last nutrient is absorbed.

Optimal EFA
Optimal EFA is a unique blend of stabilized oils from plant sources only, making this a choice essential fatty acid source for vegetarians and for those who want to avoid any level of PCBs and other toxins found in supplements made from fish oils. We source our ALA from flax seed oil, the richest source of LNA, DHA from algae, the only vegetable-based DHA source, and GLA from borage oil, the richest source of GLA. This completely removes the risk of mercury and other contaminants.

OHS has teamed with one of the leading capsule manufacturers to encapsulate a complete blend of EFAs in a capsule utilizing a patented sealing process which virtually eliminates the end product’s exposure to oxygen.

Optimal Flora Plus
Optimal Flora Plus is the only probiotic formulated with all 9 strains of flora that are patent-proven to withstand the acidity and temperatures that destroy most flora supplements.

The adult human body should be inhabited by approximately 3 lbs of friendly bacteria, but it’s common for an unhealthy gut to be populated by up to 10 lbs of bad bacteria. All of them together functioning as 80% of your immune system. Your gut is where the majority of your immune cells go to fight off germs so, if your gut is low on the good bacteria, then it’s full of illness and disease-inducing bacteria. However, if it’s full of good bacteria, bad bacteria have a tremendously difficult time taking root and making you sick.

Optimal Longevi-D-K2
Optimal Longevi-D-K2 provides nutrients proven to give complete cardiovascular health support. This formula supplies vitamin D, CoQ10 and K2 in MK-7 form, which work synergistically to keep calcium out of blood and arteries, and in bones.

Hundreds of studies have established the importance of Vitamin D with health and longevity as it supports bone and cardiovascular health. Made from whole foods, this formula utilizes Vitamin K2 and CoQ10 so Vitamin D works properly AND calcium is pulled out of the blood stream and put back into bones. It is extremely beneficial for overall longevity and quality of life. It also contains a higher potency of Vitamin D not found in other whole food D’s.

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